Big Sky River - Linda Lael Miller It all started with a widower, a busted knee and a chicken rancher.Sheriff Boone is a good man with some serious heartache. His wife died young and left him with two child that his sister is raising for him. He has not been able to step out of is depression and care for them himself since see died. He can barely take basic care of himself. He has lived a lonely life not looking for anything more than just getting by. Things change fast when his sister's husband get's hurt and he has to take his kids and face life as a single father.Tara, a divorced woman from New York is living just down the road and trying to start a new life as a chicken rancher. She had an ugly divorce and had to leave two step daughters behind that are the children of her heart. Her ex calls one day to ask her to watch the girls for a brief period so he can run wild with his new girlfriend. She is so giddy with excitement to have them back in her life. Now if she could get that ornery sheriff to clean up his property...These two argue, bicker, snap, and sneer at each other and just don't like each other much. Well, that is until Opel, the local unofficial matchmaker sings in and brings her magic with her.A fantastic love story, filled with good people and good deeds. You can't beat this author if you're looking for a HEA read.