Butterfly Lane - T.L. Haddix It all started with two kids, then two teenagers, and finally two difficult adults.John and Zanny have known each other most of their lives. They played together as children, felt the first twinges of hormones together and rode down one rocky road to an adult relationship. These two have real issues to deal with, life and love are never easy and they sure don't come with a manual. They learn to communicate, to give and when to give up the fight. It was filled with real drama, about realistic adult relationships. The cherry on the cake was just a touch of fantasy.I really enjoyed the authors style and wished I'd read the first book in the series. (I will got and find it) I would like to know more about this family and follow them throughout the trails of their lives. It was a new author read for me, recommend highly and I am very glad I listened. *Thanks Litchick for the recommendation