Too Many POV's For This Girl

King of Scars - Leigh Bardugo

I am so disappointed, I didn't have the experience I expected after reading the previous books. I rushed through them to get to this one. I struggled to stay involved in the stories from the beginning. I read it during the world wide lock down from the Coronavirus, so I had plenty of time. I admit to being stressed who isn't ? But I've read other books and not felt so disconnected. There were too many POV's going on that didn't connect. it was crazy frustraiting for me. I couldn't get into one storyline before it switched to another. The worst for me was that each storyline was so different, I was thrown out into a new world at each change. I loved Nicolai, in the past books but here he felt like a shadow.
Romance ? There were hints at a romance brewing, but I never felt it, or hoped for them. I didn't get the wanting, can't even see them together.
Okay I will stop whining. bottom line, it didn't work for me.