Holes Ridiculous Characters Crude and Nicknames

Pucked - Helena Hunting

2.5 Smexy, and a lot of orgasims, yep a lot, giggling (ugg) and a monster sized co*k. I enjoyed parts of this but overall not for me. It was a bit too smexy for my taste, sex was the answer to almost every contact. I really liked the story but it kept getting thrown to the side so they could swap body fluids. Really he hit the spots so many times it was crazy. The female main character was so open and communicative and then so shut off and childish, The silly nicknames, were kind of cute in the beginning but were old and tired by the end of the book. Okay and this weird part with his mother, what was that all about ? never explained and really strange. It was what is was, a sexy erotic sex tale, a story with a lot of stuffed holes. Oh and nearly instant love/lust- yeh right. not for me