So Tired of the Main Character

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

Semi possible spoilers below
It might be the virus climate but I'm feeling negative about this one
What was this book like ? All yee all yee welcome to the church of Alina.
It was a good ride. I'm glad Alina and Mel seem to be out of the story for the spin off. I loved them in the beginning but grew to dislike them both as a couple and grew really tired of little miss all powerful. I know, what is wrong with me ? I got tired of Alina being the snowflake that would save them all, of everyone circling around her, worshiping her, Alina, Alina, Alina. Meh.
The ending ? Really you pulled that card ? Why not the crash and burn stay crashed and burnt ? it would have made a more impactful ending. I was left eye rolling and sighing the easy path taken. I don't want a happy ending after what went down. Omg did you see the sex scene ? No you didn't it was a blink and it was over. Shouldn't there have been tingles ? After giggles ? Something ?
I am moving on the The King of Scars which I'm told is wonderful. Fingers crossed