That Was Good !

Shorefall - Robert Jackson Bennett

What a twisted scribed magical fiendish web of deceit the author has woven. I just finished and feel like I need to catch my breath. I’m still hanging off the side of the cliffhanger ending. Everything was a question with unknown answers, with lies, truthful answers that could be twisted to seem other. You think you know, they thought they knew but could you know if you have been lied to ? But, which are the lies ?
Oh it is intense, there was some serious power struggles going on. Power rearing its ugly face with a God like being determined to rule them all. Oh but it was not just one, no there were others involved other with secrets and a desire for something more. Battles are lost people are hurt, some characters die, it is a brutal desperate battle. I cringed a couple times when one of my favorites was, well you’ll find out.
I really enjoyed the slow building of the characters relationships with each other. They had to learn to trust, to open themselves up. There had been so much trauma, and lies. The author did this beautifully and believably. It also made it harder to say goodbye to them.
Oh the ending was such a shock, I never saw that coming ! Yes, I knew something was wrong but WOAH ! Now I must wait for book 3, waiting can be so hard .