Talk About Mirroring Real Life

Past This Point - Nicole Mabry

I stayed up till 3am reading this, I had to know what happened to the characters. This book shadows the current events in the world  with the coronavirus worldwide outbreak. It was so creepy, I had goosebumps on more than one occasion with newscaster saying almost the same words, the government saying the same things, the reality of the characters actions we spot on. While reading this I kept hoping this wasn't a premonition, it's that realistic. I was riveted by her story, scared, and horrified, in the ned I was glad to have known her.

Karis is a woman living in New York with her dog living a semi hermit lifestyle when a virus breaks out and people start to die. The advice is to quarantine yourself, cover your mouth when you sneeze, wash your hands, but death still comes. Alone as the the world come apart around her she creates a world inside her apartment, she befriends a couple kids across in another building, she reads, works out, talks to her parents in CA and her dog.  She starts surviving and doing the hardest of things to live another day and hope for a way to make it home to her family in CA. Things are really bad, but not as bad as they will get.