Romance is not Everything

A Curse So Dark and Lonely - Brigid Kemmerer

An new twist on a classic that was a lot of fun to read.
Beauty and the Beast has been told every which way right ? No, this author found a new way to twist modern times with another time and characters from both world into not a romantic tale. yes, not a romantic tale. I know "Oh but Yodamom Beauty and the Beast is Romance" This one is an action packed adventure filled with magic, bad guys, debts and all the complications of life. The romance is expected which is why when it isn't front and center the story takes a new direction. There is a life beyond just falling in love. Yes, it's true ! Then when the elephant in the room is highlighted, you know to break the curse the girl is not swooning and giggling. Ha ! It's fantastic !
Great read, horrible cliffhanger. I had to order book 2 only minutes after finishing this