Wandering Without Direction

The Guinevere Deception - Kiersten White
3.5 Camelot has kicked out Merlin, and moved into a magic free zone. It is forbidden to use magic inside the borders. Arthur is under some sort of danger so he must marry a protector (Guinevere) disguised as his bride. This protector is a magical person and King Arthur knows. So what is going on ?
Guinevere who isn’t Guinevere is sent to save the King. She must protect him from what ? she doesn’t know, how would she do this saving ? She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know a lot. Merlin her father but not her father sent her to marry King Arthur with instructions to protect him. Guinevere spends a lot of time wandering around making friends, watching for danger, longing for clarification on her duty in Camelot. She must focus on everything because she doesn’t have a clue what she is supposed to do there. Sure protect Arthur, but how ? She must find the danger without anyone knowing she’s magical, except she’s not very good at being sneaky. I felt sorry for her, she was expected to do this great thing with not a clue of what or how.
Arthur, he’s an odd duck. Rarely there, and when he’s around he’s not very interesting. He’s young, overburdened, and distant. He knows why she is there, and yet he rarely talks to her, leaves for days with no notice and just disappears. I really can’t say much about the character I didn’t get to know him to have much feelings except indifference. he just wasn’t there enough.
The last 25% had some awesome twists, finally Guinevere had a direction. She of the characters started to show their true colors. I never saw that twist coming.
The story was good, I enjoyed it but tired of the wandering girl bit. There was so much unsaid about these characters I never really got to know them. I’m not sure if I’ll continue the series