Don't Bury me in Alaska

A Grave Denied - Dana Stabenow

Murder, nut jobs, evil men, first kisses and crispy homes in the Alaskan wild. Poor Kate, she has had a black cloud over her for the last several books and this one dumps some more on her. Johnny's mother must be dealt with, Ugg the witch ! Kate handles her like a boss, Woot Woot ! She nearly loses everything, even her much loved Mutt. A man the Park trusted has shown up dead, it a strange place with no obvious clues. Jim asks for her help, and while she's digging she finds out that they didn't know who this man was at all. And then there is another murder, and an attempt or two to kill Kate. Caring about Kate can drive you nuts ! Chopper Jim will agree with me on this I'm sure, because he goes a little nuts himself. Chopper Jim has bitten off more than he can chew. LOL At the end of the book I could see Kate's wicked grin at the end. The game has begun. :D
This was a fun, exhilarating ride with my Alaskan girl. I've already ordered the next book.