This Hit All the Spots

Rules of Redemeption - T.A. White

Holy smokes that was so good. I'll re-read it, shoot I want to see the movie. It would be such a fabulous movie ! It was Star Wars' space action, Star Trek's lovable characters, Oceans Eleven scheming, humor and some seriously cool creatures. The romance is there so well written into the story it was perfectly done (IMHO). Oh my gawd, Graydon, sexy, super macho, distant, difficult, grumpy, did I mention sexy ( shutters ) I love a man that can be great when he needs to. ** Wink ** The MC Kira, was a broken, self built, haunted, isolated, strong, intelligent, generous, loyal and selfless. woman. I cheered for her big time and the rest of the characters, and cried with their pain.
There was one thing I didn't like. It ended and the next in the series isn't out yet. Oye, It ended with such a fun cliffhanger. Luckily, was at home so the public didn't have to witness my snorting laughter at the stinger ending. BAM