Another Kick Arse Book From Illona Andrews

Sweep of the Blade -  Ilona Andrews
Maud is one amazing woman. Wonder Woman wishes she was as tough. Maud, the Innkeeper's sister, was dumped on a planet that is used as a home for the unwanted, unwashed and vicious of the universe. She's not alone, they dumped her her 5 year old daughter and her excommunicated vampire husband. The husband pulled an idiot move, it didn't work, then he tried another, and we'll he's dead. The girls are alone surviving,. Tell her sister the Innkeeper goes to rescue her with a high ranking vampire and a werewolf, this is the begging of a wild adventure. Maud becomes the center attraction of the vampire, and she swears never again will she go down that path. Well, she finds herself in a situation again where she must prove her worth, but this time she does it for her daughter. Don't mess with a momma bear ! Oh and watch out for the baby bear she has some teeth on her too.
I loved this ! The authors created amazing worlds, creatures, cultures and conflicts that keep the heart pumping. The women in their books are always such survivors, smart women who think before they do things that may change their lives. The men respect the women for it. Bravo !!!! Wait, cliffhanger ending, superseded