Another Hard on the Heart Read

Midnight Come Again - Dana Stabenow

This was another tough to read one in the series but not as bad as the last. The last book still haunts me, it was brutal. Reading about the after, the new Kate, the nearly empty shell of the person I knew. The shadows cling to Kate and her world, and she has abandoned herself. She disappeared without a word for months till one day Chopper Jim walks into the room, but his Kate is not there.
Jim has been put on an assignment looking into possible terrorist activity. He looked for Kate, but wasn't able to find her, till he traveled to his assignment and there she was, broken with a new name. She gets tangled in his assignment after Jim is hurt and separately they piece this mess together. Separately is the key word, both are too haunted to do anything together. There is a small bit of comfort that comes from the darkness, but even that quickly gets ugly again. I don't know where these two will go in the series. I'd always wanted something long term for the two of them, they work well together. The last book might have buried any chance of that. ~sigh~ I'd like to see Kate happy again.