I Got So Much More Than I Expected From this

Becoming - Michelle Obama

After listening to Ms Obama's words I had the audio version, I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew as facts, and looking at my own thoughts about the person. She turned out to be someone amazing, with grit, attitude, intelligence, a mother with a drive to make things better for those left in the shadows. She came from the shadows, climbed her way out, never losing sight of her goals or who she was. She faced racism and sexism and held herself above it all even when it cut to the bone. I now admire her and respect what she has done. her work with unseen girls around the world, bravo. If she changed just one girls life, the ripple will move on and she has changed us all.

The woman who was portrayed by the media was a completely different person that the one I met in this book. I admit to disliking the Obama Presidential terms. My family was hit hard by some of the changes and still have not recovered. I hated the first lady because the media sold it to me, news reports influenced me, co workers rants, but racism ? Maybe, I'm not sure. I know I felt it off people around me it might have turned me, I hope not. Hate is a ugly thing and she got a lot of it. I learned a lot from Ms. Obama, one of the most important ones is that I should never trust the media, and when I feel so strongly against someone, look at the whys.