It Takes A Knitting Group To Save A Heiress

Marriage of Inconvenience - Penny Reid

All wrapped up, the couples are happy sated and have wonderful lives. ~Sigh~ I enjoyed all their stories but loved the ones that tied to the Winston brothers the most. I have a thing for those southern boys what can I say.
Kat, the mysterious knitter, she has always been aloof in the group. She has good reason, her parents, oye they are, well it's not good. Tiny Satan, one of her only available family members is just so ARGUH ! Holy shitake this girl has been on the hard pointy side of the rock and a hard place. If you've read along with the series you have seen hints of her lusty feelings for Dan the Security Man, and maybe some of his for her. Do either of them act on them? Hahahahha, no. Oh you wait now, Little Satan does something helpful for once, it's dastardly and underhanded but brings the two together to finally face those feelings. It may be the only good things he's ever done. :D Dan is Smoking hot, Kat is burning for some lovin' but they can't get past first base, why ? Read the book. All I've told you is the tame easy part of the story. Later in the story the whole gang comes together and it's a beautiful thing to read.