He Has a Mini Pocket Dragon :P

Stone Cold Touch - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Layla is stupid ! There I put it out in the universe, it's now a known fact. She is just so immature and idiotic some times. ARGUH ! Layla who has two super powered hotties loving her, two ! Maybe I'm a bit jealous. Moving on..
So I binge listened to this, ignoring my family and friends for a couple days. They'll get over it, I hope. Layla has found trouble at school, trouble at home, trouble in her heart and trouble in her mind. Layla is coming into her own, our little brat is growing up. Well sort of, she still dips her toes into TSTL moments. Her, Zhane's and Roth's lives are going to change majorly. Everything builds to this horrendous mountain of OH Shiitake What Will They DO, then the book ends ARGUH !! Thanks the gods for Amazon, click I have book 3. :D See yah