These WInston boys Are so Fine

Beard in Mind - Penny Reid

Beau is just such a great guy. He's patient, loyal, gentle, honest, hard working and sexy. Shelly his love interest is something you don't see a lot of in books. She's a tall, sexy auto mechanic, a famous artist, and has some OCD issues. Them coming together, involves therapy, talking her issues over and patience. (something I lack) I just got so tired of her issues getting in the way. yeh I'm a horrible insensitive person. :P I didn't want to listen to her program, one more time.  I felt bad for beau that he had to tiptoe around her.  

There was a big secret revealed, HUGE ! it knocked me on the floor.

i didn't enjoy this one as much as I did other works from Penny Reid. Still it's a 4 star read of sexy humor.