I'm so Sick of Stupid

Witched At Birth - Dakota Cassidy

2 stars It started out rough for me with excessively crude comments from a very immature character.(-1 star) Normally I would just say okay it's part of the story but these were just for crude shock value and added nothing to the characters or the story. It was just gross. Seriously saying "i smell old lady crouch" from an adult ? Unfortunately that wasn't the only name calling that made no sense in the book. The character in question toned it done after she learned her lesson. Well not completely she still name called and degraded people. She made a miraculous personality change suddenly in the book. "Poof" I'm not going to do that anymore, Yeah it went like that. It was predictable, a broken romance rekindled, ending in a HEA. None of the characters had any real depth, they read like cookie cutter people.I don't care about any of these characters or this world enough to move on i the series