A Boy And His Dog At The End Of The World - C.A. Fletcher

Never mess with a boys dog ! That is something everyone should know, right ? This boy, Griz, loves his dog and will do anything to get it back. That's not the whole story just the stick that poked and poked till things got way out of hand.
The story is about a boy who lives on an island with his mother, father and two sisters. In this post apocalyptic world were very few survived including animals., The old world is only known through books now, technology, communities, and safety are things long gone. Humans must now forage, hunt and go a Viking to find useful items to help make living easier.
When a stranger arrives on their island after so many years of being alone they meet him with fear, distrust and excitement. he comes bearing news and gifts and leaves with a dog. This dog belongs to the boy, Griz.
This is where the adventure begins, Griz follow determined to reclaim his dog. His aventures take him to a world he has never seen, far from home, far from the protection of his island and it's isolation.
What a journey ! It was a slow start but slowly building, a bit too slow. I struggled to get through the first 3/4 of the book, the last 1/4 was a rollercoaster ride. Oh and there is a wowzer of a twist. It was griz's tiring same old line, and extreme focus and drive it took away from the other happenings. There was another thing that just bugged me. The lack of feelings, signs of love, emotions for his dogs. I was projecting sure but it read so dramatically yet the character was so cold and calculating. Overall I liked it, and think it would make a great movie.