Love On The Rebuild

The Wedding Deal - Cindi Madsen

A Funny, Sweet, and HOT romantic adventure
Sexy retired quarterback Lance has taken over his grandfather's team The Mustangs and all it's employees. He wants to make changes .Hi dream is to see this long time losing team become winners again. He's loud, jumps without looking and a bit of a playboy.. He starts by firing old boys club and doesn't follow the rules and uses non PC language when he does it. Charlotte is one of the long time employees and head of HR. She is a rule follower, paper pusher and dismayed by her new boss's lack of decorum and the possible legal outcome from his methods. While she maneuverers, all the right forms filled, and apologies sent, Lance works to rebuild a broken team., when he mentions a possible addition, and Charlotte lists his playing stats from memory, Lance can't believe his luck. Charlotte is a super fan with a knack for numbers, and an eye for hidden talent. Together this unlike duo will try to rebuild the worst team in the league and it's not going to be easy between these two opposites.
What a fun read ! It was hard to like both these characters in the beginning. They each were so stubborn, and wouldn't listen to each other. This was not an insta lust/love read, this relationship took time and it got dirty before things started changing. The characters were fantastic, each breaking the normal types found in so many books. Charlotte was a statistical genius, not a gold digging women, or even someone searching for Mr. Right, what an awesome female characters trait. Ms. Madsen is not afraid to break stereotypes. Lance while presented as a typical jock was anything but when his character was fully drawn out. This was a fun, sweet, dirty, lol, romance wrapped around a sports team family.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a honest review