Hidden Preaching Just Irks Me

Mind Games - Nancy Mehl

3 Stars
Excellent narration
This was a good murder mystery profiler story better than most with a creative back story. I had planned on continuing the series till the last 1/4. All the characters seems to fit well in their rolls and I was not sure who did it till near the end. What threw this down was the "I'm a Christian" "I trust God" "I made an educated choice and believed in God"... There was so much of this all the sudden. Okay I was good with her being a Christian, a few sentences would have been fine. But I felt it turned into an evangelistic read at the end. There was a speech on her why's and how it was truth. The MC had several characters questioning their beliefs. Why ? This didn't fit in with the story, this wasn't a Christian book and it was directed out from the character. I'm not a Christian, but I will read Christian writings and have enjoyed them. I do not like feeling like I was snuck attacked by a hidden Christian read that wasn't marked as one.