Good Bye Dear Friends

Summoned To Thirteenth Grave - Darynda Jones

Charlie, Reyes, Cookie and Co. They have become a favorite book family over the years. I voted Charlie as the one I most want to sit and have coffee with. This was a bittersweet read, I couldn't wait to read it and never wanted it to end. It is one long series that didn't burn out before it ended and I will miss my Charley Davidson friends.
Okay so Charlie has been gone a long long long time, but she's back know and there is a twisted twist. She finds nothing is as she thought and her finds floored me a few times along with her. There was one twist no two twists or was there three ? with relatives that totally shocked me. I'll need to re-read/listen to it I was in shock remember. Oh, please I'm not going to spoil it so don't ask. Charlie did what she does she went way off course and Holy Shitake was an ending. I was happy, sad, blubbering like a baby, cheering like a wild donkey and then just in shock. I'm not sure I liked how it ended, but I loved the book. I may have wanted them (Charlie/Reyes) to go another way but it wasn't my book to write they went where they should have. Bravo Ms. Jones I'll be waiting on that next book, so get to writing ; D