Attack of Ripped Aliens

The Darkest Star - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I read this in two days. It was another couldn't put down read from this author. Her Lux series was the same, I stayed up reading, who needs sleep ? This one picks up from the after edges of that series, based around the Origin Luc and a human girl Evie.
The world after the Lux series is not an easy gentle one, things are tough, fear prevails, memories are good and hate is strong. The fear is real when dead bodies start showing up. The government has taken control and neutralized the Luxen, giving humans a chance to feel equal. When Evie goes against the rules, and puts everyone in danger her and Luc are then on path that will change everything. The secrets that unravel in all this mess open her eyes to a past she will never know.
I didn't give this a five star, I just wasn't believing in some of the characters, Evie and Luc. Their actions/thoughts fit their age but not their life experiences. I think that was the problem, all that happened in that world would have aged them mentally and emotionally. They acted like stereotypical early high school kids not 17 and 18 year old raised in a world of alien wars and death. Oh and Luc has some might fine abs.
The end ! ARGUH Way to leave me hanging JLA ! I can't wait to read book 2 in this series, hopefully they grew up a bit.