The Story Behind The Genius

Miyazakiworld: A Life in Art  - Susan Napier

Amazing. Reading this almost felt like a betrayal an invasion of privacy. His life has been a long and difficult road. Born in a terrible time for Japan, raised in the shadow of great darkness, he carries that shadow. His views are so different from these modern times, yet he had grabbed ahold of the world and we have loved his art. The things I learned about him and his characters, scenery, and location choices gave me goosebumps. I never saw that but I see it now, so many layers. He is a workaholic, that is no surprise, but the fact that he struggled to be seen does. This is a very interesting man who has touched many hearts, while healing his own heart. Don't tell him I said that but that is what I read between these pages.
This man's art is breathtaking, the details, and colors so full and rich. My favorite are his clouds, they are so beautiful they compete with nature's version so well it's hard to believe they are drawn sometimes. I have been a fan of his work for many years, I own all his released movies, but knew little of the man behind the genius. You can get a feel of some parts of him though his art, his Shinto touches are most visible to me. His movies are so filled with hope, dread, adventure, struggle, heartbreak, love, loneliness, and renewal. Everyone who watches seems to get something different form his work all feel something strongly. How did this man get so many complex layers, we get to know a few. If you're a fan, read this book. Interested in the mental after effect of devastation and war on a man, read this book.
I loved this book. I read a chapter then watched the movie it was talking about. I suggest you do the same with a new vantage point.