The Bearded Boys Never Let Me Down

Dr. Strange Beard - Penny Reid

I loved it, not LOVED IT but loved it. Penny Reid is one of my favorite authors, her quirky humor and sense of romance fit my twisted heart just right. Why didn't I love it ? The Female MC, Simone. I didn't like her, she was too distant, lied and was too cold for my Roscoe. Yup, my Roscoe ! Roscoe is a hunk with manners, treats women with respect and is a veterinarian. There is a scene with him rolling around on the floor with puppies ! That is my porn ! Excuse me I need to fan myself at the memory. Wooowee it's hot in here.

I'm not going to tell you about the story, you need to read this series and know these boys stories to get the quirky things. These bearded boys are hotter than Houston in August. Have a nice cold drink handy when you pick these up