Epic Adventure

Foundryside - Robert Jackson Bennett

Epic adventure, with amazing world building, magic, political intrigue and mysteries.I'm not going to spoil this story by telling you about the events just a few sneak peeks. I went into it blind, I hadn't even read this author's work before and it was in my opinion the best way.
It's not often that I read a book where the stars of the book are a key and a girl. A tough female character with a a talent for thief, and an ability that brings her talent up another level. She is fantastic, not a fabled beauty, or sleek trim bodied model type but a full bodied realistic character. The key, Clef had a hold on me, I couldn't put the book down till I found out more about him. This story I think is equally character and world driven making it captivating. I will not soon forget this world.
The world was so complex, each little step detailed and explained, yet it never dulled the story. The magical system was so unique with so many variations each built on top of the previous one and then twisted into something more. Brilliant !