My Favorite Rugger Series

The Varlet and the Voyeur - L.H. Cosway

I love these authors work. They always writes smart characters, communicators, with realistic hot romances. She's not afraid to make the woman the more sexually advanced either, and she doesn't make this an ego buster for the men. I loved this one, I have so many highlights it's crazy.
Josey, a college student, young unsettled and odd to most finds herself suddenly homeless. She needs to find a job and a place to live quick to support her education. After wearing out her friends couch she is pointed in the direction of a live in paid job. Her new boss, a hot rugby player who needs company/babysitter to keep him from his kink. Yep, he, Will has a kink and it as exposed and exploited in the media hurting his career and more. The two of them are opposites, which makes for fun, snark and much more.