Another Fabulous Audiobook Production

Obsidio - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

4.5 Holy Smokes that was good.
You must read books 1-2 before this one. No spoiler review.
Mesmerizing audiobook read by a full cast with an extensive sound track-amazing. The story was filled with unexpected twists, heartbreak and exhilaration. I felt tired after finishing, like I just went through the trauma with them.
I love this author she develops her characters so completely. I think about them after putting the book down, hope for them, cheer them on, feel the void when one dies. At one point a character died, a selfless death, I teared up while earlier I was inner screaming for their death.
The ending was left with a voice from the past. Could there be another book ? I think so maybe a spin off ? I'd like to see more of this voice's character.