Black Dust Mambo

Black Dust Mambo - Adrian Phoenix 2.5-3 I love Adrian Phoenix's Maker Song series but this was nothing like it. Kallie the heroine- she brash, rude, makes stupid choices and punches her friends in the face for trying to protect her. Her friend Belladonna is almost exactly the same. I was so taken aback by their weak choices, unbelievable actions and misplaced distrust I could not enjoy the story. I just did not like either one of them. They treated their male friends with such disrespect...Well I just couldn't get past them.The story was slow paced and dragged. I found myself confused several times when POV's changed, trying to figure out who was who ? The second 1/2 of the story moved at a quicker pace and was easier to follow but I still did not connect to the characters. I finished the story and was left hanging- a cliffhanger ending ARGUH ! I am very sorry to say this series is a complete miss for my taste.