Amazing Doggie Adveture

A Dog's Way Home: A Novel - W. Bruce Cameron

What an amazing adventure with this sweet girl, Bella. This is her story, told in her own words.thoughts. Her beginning is amazing enough but her next few years are incredible. Because of where she lives, Denver she must be moved to save her life. Animal control tagged her as a Pitbull, a breed not welcome there. Things don’t go as planned and she runs loose hundreds of miles, meeting all kinds of people, animals and situations.
Bella started life as a stray, raised by a stray cat under a house where she helped can for the kittens. Rescuer’s come one day and her life changes, she is owned, loved and cares for all. Problems come when a contractor building across the street tries to build on land where feral cats live, including Bella’s mother cat. Her humans are all about animal rescue and the fight begins. Things get nasty, the city, the building owners, it all seems hopeless. Bella finds herself living with some people in a different city waiting for her people, but she gets restless and takes off for home. Her focus, her desperation is amazing. I loved listening to her thoughts, and cheered her all the way. Bella is the dog with a huge heart.