Fang Fur and More

Burn Bright - Patricia Briggs

Charles and Anna are left as heads of the pack while Bran is off on a vacation to Africa, without this mate. Yeh it something is weird, but I'll not tell you what. So Charles if left with his mate and Leah. with all their issues and snipping at each other. Talk about a rock and a hard place, ouch. I know you're thinking poor Charles, hah ! those were the easy times. There are some wolves who live on the edge, the windings, bare sane if at all, there are under the pack protection, aka his. One very old and very powerful wolf is captured, her mate who holds enormous power asks for help. This is were you should start feeling sorry for Charles and Anna because things go really bad and have many strings attached. Somebody has betrayed them, perhaps somebody close. But they are not alone, they have the pack, and my favorite big bad wolf is prominent, Asil, the Moor.
Oh my, what a twisted knot. Charles and Anna , aww what a cute mated couple , blah blah blah. Asil, dark quiet mysterious and powerful is finally explored more in this book. His history, the glimpse allowed left me thirsty for more. He is such a tease. I want an Asil book, no I need one. The rest of the pack was interesting, and played well together.
I enjoyed it all, except Bran and... Bran went AWOL and acted out of character from what we've seen of him in the past. Something revealed about his possible motives for something way off base was sort of weird, I hope it doesn't lead anywhere. The mystery of who was pretty easy to figure out, the why wasn't. I was scratching my head going "Hey Wolf ?!?!? Didn't you get that ??? Hello ?" But they didn't hear me or Captain Obvious when he spoke to them.