Keep The New Adult Away From Me

Capture - Penny Reid

Entertaining, NA, with smexy moments and too much over thinking and not communicating drama. It was better than book two. I still have a problem with the female MC's personality flip flop. She goes from super upfront talkative educated woman to closed mouth hide her feeling drama ridden girl. Oh and the male MC wasn't much better, but he never claimed to be an out in the open type. Is it just this NA thing ? I don't get it. I just wanted to slap them both and tell them to just talk already. The stupid silence "what will he/she think" drove me nuts ! More ridiculous angst drama than a YA read. I gave it three stars because the author was skilled enough to made me finish the book even when I wanted to through it across the room. 
This is the 4th time I've read a NA book and I had the same reaction. I am not a good fit with this genre.