It's All Fun and Games Till The Girl Has to Go In The Swamp

The Hunt - Chloe Neill

If you've read the first two you know Claire and Liam went separate ways. If you haven't read them, go read them or you'll be lost. This is a series that builds on each previous book. Claire and Liam, they will be reunited but not for the reason you might expect. Liam has been framed for a murder, in a very personal way. The legal forces are looking for him and anyone who knows him. This has Claire and her crew hustling to find him and associates to warn them. Unfortunately, he has gone off the radar, deep into the swamp. The hunt for the truth, him and his associates leads them into dangerous places. Oh the ending, get those cleats ready because it's a steep cliffhanger.
I really enjoyed this 3rd book, even if it left me hanging off a cliff, again. The pacing was just right even during the semi laid back scenes. The side characters got some page time and almost stole the show, yeh you Moses. I admit to having doubts, it was a slow start the first 50 pages. I was looking at dropping it, but then it clicked on and never dimmed. Liam, who was a complete jerk up to this book,(in my humble opinion) might have upgraded to a bonehead. Claire deserves an award for her patience. Read the book you'll know what I'm talking about. There was magic, science, betrayal, mystery, danger, chasing, humor, and some lusting, a good mix.