Bad Cheese and Too Much Wine

Feta and the Fat Bastard - Judy Volhart

2.5 stars
Wine, cheese, salami, escorts, drug dealers, romance and a death. What a mouthful and that's not even the whole bite. The main character is a single women who own a bistro, drinks a lot of wine and loves her cheese and salami. She has knack for sticking her nose into other peoples business when they end up dead. She has a sense of humor in her life picking unusual quirky wines titles to go with every mood. When one of her customers dies just after eating her food, she sets out to find out who and why to save her bistro.
I liked the food in the story, I am a cheese addict so that part was mouth watering. She included a few recipes to share with her readers, always a nice addition in a story with foods. I liked the idea of her running this business alone, and her family ties. The mystery was pretty easy to figure out who did it, but entertaining to follow to find out why.
I really disliked her name calling and I felt shaming of her parents. Several times she referred, jokingly to her parents as aliens because they were immigrants, and their accents. Then she made fun of her father's clothing after he put himself out for her. It felt too disrespectful for this reader, I was uncomfortable. Oi', she drank a lot of wine, and had some weird lines. The first person POV did not help this story at all. I will not continue with the series.
I received a free copy for review from The LibraryThing