Troubled Time For Shadowhunters

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices) - Cassandra Clare

The mystery of who killed Emma's parents
The mystery of the deaths of shadowhunters
The mystery of love
The mystery of a lost boy
The mystery of the one in charge
So many mysteries to answer. They just kept pilling up for the first 3/4 of the book. I expected them to crumble under the weight but no the characters stayed true and stayed strong. Fought and fought and suffered, till at last answers started reveling themselves and the answers were not easy to accept.
The stress of the last 1/4 of this story was crazy. Ms. Clare made sure that they were dragged through the mud and left caked and battered along a troubled river. Seriously Ms Clare, why did Emma have to do that at the end ? Troubled times. Yes, I loved it. Yes, I already downloaded book 2.