Puffs of Hot Wind

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - Elizabeth Gilbert

DNF @ 61%
I tried, for 61% I tried. I found a couple quotes from other people that I highlighted but that was it. I never highlighted anything the author wrote. I had to ask myself why am I reading a book where the authors advice is not connecting with me ? Why wasn't it working, several reasons. One was the qualifications of the author, two was the lack of any real actions.
The author, I did not know who she was when I purchased this book, I had not read her Eat Pray Love novel, but had seen it on store shelves. She talked about her success of that piece, many times as her great masterpiece, which qualified her to give advice on creativity. She came across to me as self absorbed, pompous, and full look at me, see how wonderful I am. Where was this creative genius, the spark that would send us humans out into the world to make ourselves into the artists we held hidden inside ?
This came across more as a memoir of her greatness to date than a self-help book. What little there was seemed gimmicky and useless to me. I gathered no information helpful to use of pass on, no steps no actions.