Funtabulous Adventure

Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

Oceans Eleven meets mystical powers, meets Oliver. What a wild ride this short series was. Two books, who just writes two book series anymore ? It's be great if the books sucked but they were funtabulous and I wanted more. I took a whole day off from work, family, drank a whole pot of coffee and nearly stopped eating to finish this one up. The characters were so well developed, each had their own chapters, their own stories told through their eyes. Usually this style doesn't work for me, it breaks the story, but this author did it so well it flowed naturally. The ups the downs, the plotting, the edge of my seat intense action, the search for a life worth living, oh so good.
You betcha I'll be reading more from her, already ordered some. She just happens to have a series that has ties to this world. Woot Woot !