Surfing the Family Waves

Making Waves: A Beach Lane Novel - Laura Moore

This is a heartwarming, toe curling, maddening, heart wrenching, happy story about two wonderful characters that you can't help but love. Complex family drama, and independent self made woman, a successful wounded man, wonderful side characters, just enough rotten apples and a lovely setting. It's got all the right stuff. I ma so happy this is the beginning of a series, there will be more.
Dakota the female main character is a self made business woman with a lot of hard work and hard times under her belt. Her family is dysfunctional in the worst way, they are easy to dislike. She runs a concierge service for the rich and fabulous. When she starts working for the new owner of her family's estate causing an uproar. Oh what a family she's got !
Max, ex football god, and current money making machine is a hunk in suit. He's a playboy, who likes to have a different blond on his arm regularly. He avoids attachments at all costs. His scars run deep and that's where he keeps them. Business and money are his two attachments. He bought the big mansion estate to impress clients and his father. He also hired the previous owners family member to redo the estate for him and she is a person that interests him. Too bad she doesn't play with her meal tickets.
If you want to know what happens read the book.
Time and the right people in your life can change everything. That is what I always get from this authors work. I love reading books that make you feel good. This author is on my list of guaranteed feel good writers.