Beauty and The Beast version C

Entreat Me - Grace Draven

Beauty and the Beast retold, okay but not the best one for me that I've read. I was so frustrated by the end.
Spoilers and questions
I'm going negative first, after being left frustrated when it finally ended.
This just didn't work for me and it's hard to place why, so many details didn't fit for me. There were more off putting points than intriguing ones. The story followed the traditional version almost like a checklist, some parts didn't fit well. They felt just thrown in just to cover all the bases. The roses were one of those that didn't fit. It felt like the roses were in the tale so that had to be tossed into the story. Why did they lust for blood ? What did they get from it ? What was their tie to the curse ? Why, Why Why ? What was with the animosity between her and the sorcerer ? Was it her lack of knowledge on magic, her hatred of it, her ability to breath ? He liked verbal sparring, liked spunky snarky women, he loved one why did he hate her ? The son, fell in love with his woman why ? Was it her amazing beauty ? That's all I got from it. The pathetic father, why was he such a wimpy useless bag of flesh ? He wasn't an alcoholic, he bedded the neighbor, and didn't seem depressed so what was wrong with him ? Why was there so much bath time ? It seemed like they spent a lot of pages bathing, or thinking about bathing. Menses, Sex, I like sex in a story but these two rutted at every opportunity.
Why did the mother/wife hate her husband so much ? Before the whole slaying/birth thing ? Why ? It was the norm of the times to live as she did. Why the extreme hatred ? Oh and how did the beast know his end time was coming ? He talked about it, enough to make me question it.
Now the good.
The female MC was a widow, and didn't believe in holding her tongue, or her fist. She had the fight response working for her. She was called a screw and owned it, head held high. She wasn't squeamish, proper, or virginal. She was physically in tune with her wants and needs and was never ashamed. I feel like I need to get the Pom Poms out and cheer for a real woman character in a fairytale.
The wicked big bad boy-man who had to have the girl, the prettiest in all the land. He was nasty, in all the right ways. He lashed out at everyone he could, such a good bad boy. I would have liked more of him in the story.
I love this tale, it is my favorite fairytale. I know the author worked hard and I appreciate her work, even with the holes I found in the story.