Swamps, Gingerbread and Bats

Charms and Chocolate Chips - Bailey Cates

Katie our heroine and baker deluxe has once again stumbled on a dead body. This time it is somebody she knows an worked with. She soft of pretends like she might stay out of it but that goes against her nature and she dives in. This is not the only upset in her life, her mother shows up unexpectedly and there are some issues that need faced. There is a swamp, snakes, powerful trees, lawyers, ex's, powerful spells and some deviously yummy baked goodies.
Negatives: This one had a slow start for me the first 1/4 was just going nowhere slowly. There is some drama going on with her coven friend Cookie which just didn't fit in the story at all for me, it felt like the author wasn't sure what was going on either so she through something in real quick. I also miss the relationship triangle. it doesn't help that I think she is with the wrong guy !
Positives: 3/4 of the book was great fun, hard to put down or had me drooling for sugary snacks. The gingerbread recipe was one of the best I've ever eaten. I made it twice, enough my pants feel a little snug. LOL Katie is moving forward, growing stronger and has not backed down to please others. I like her even more.
Yes, I ordered the next book, it's on it's way to my door :D