On To the Next Level Of Pack Life

Driven - Kelley Armstrong

I have followed Clay and Elena from the beginning and loved seeing them in this next stage in their story. It was an action packed, edge of your seat, mystery, romance, with many humorous moments. I love with this pack, they are united and strong even when.... I am  really looking forward to see where these characters go, especially the twins. Special, it too tame of a word for these two.

Time has marched on and Elena and Clay's twins are now 9 years old. The pack dynamic has changed. Elena is now Alpha, and Clay her Beta, and the kids are more than average werewolf children.  An old nasty wolf with a repulsive history wants to rejoin the pack. Somebody is killing wolves in a revolting way and his power is needed. A certain amount of trust most be given to save the wolves. It could turn out to be their biggest mistake. The mystery is in the why and the who is killing these wolves with such emotion. It is a twisted road with many obstacles and a new direction for the pack.

Changes in a long running series are Important to keep a fresh feeling. Ms. Armstrong has written it and done it well.