Difficult Relationship Woes, Past History Scars and Resistance is Futile

The One You Want (Original Heartbreakers) - Gena Showalter

Take one playboy with money, a hot body and a revolving door to his bedroom with a strong dislike of children and add one single mother and you have a troubled romance. it gets more twisted, his father had an affair with her mother breaking his parents marriage and now they are all together for their marriage, so they'll be step sister and brother. Yippeee. LOL

This was a great little romance. The woman was not a weak little woman she was opinionated, independent , and not willing to drop her expectations even for Mr. Dreamy. He was a playboy, a jerk, and a total asshat, with some great moves. He also had a fabulous friend West, I'm a team West and want more on him. So they go back and forth, they heat up and chill it way down and in the end... read the book