Young Adult Book That Touches Hard Subjects

A Little Less Girl - Tess Oliver

Amy is dead. The police and town folks have decided it was suicide. She was after all hurt by words spoken by her love crush, Jake. She had weight issues, dead parent issues and was a loner, and when she heard Jake her dream boy say those horrid words she went into a deep place and never came out.

Dani and her mom have had a long difficult life. They inherited the house Amy lived in, it belonged to their grandmother. Amy and Dani were cousins, close till Dani's mother moved away. When Dani moved in her number one gaol was to make Jake pay for his causing the death of her best friend and cousin. 

Jake, the all American boy top of the pack at school the boy most likely to win has slipped in his status since last year when Amy died.  The town whispers behind his back, some of his teachers treat him like he's dangerous. He will never forgive himself for his words so he doesn't expect others to.

Dani reads her cousins diary and finds herself drawn to the very boy she wants to destroy. She is drawn to him, and his friends, for better of for worse she must find out the truth because Amy's diary doesn't sound like she committed suicide to her.

Friendship, trust, sexual predators, food obsession, drugs and abuse, this little books touches so many off center subjects. The mystery was very well done, I was mislead, and loved that. This is a YA book with a grip that held me to the very end. I had to know what happened to Amy.