Oh The Cat of Ages

Fe-Lines: French Cat Poems through the Ages -  Olga Pastuchiv (Illustrator), Norman R. Shapiro

Cats have been enthralling us for centuries, and some say the French have even a deeper love of them. This book captures the deep love in poems written for centuries. Tales of confounding behaviors, adorable connections and wild tendencies. The oldest written in 1160ca-1210,  and the latest at about 1995. The language the styles and the emotions given to the cats changes so much over time and yet there remains the love of this furry friend. Expressive illustrations add to the luxury of the poems and ad a whimsical flare. The first half of the book is the translated section, the second is it he original language French.

I loved this book. I picked it up and read random poems everyday first in French as best i could and then in English. They flow so much better in French, it is such a beautiful language but I am not fluent enough to understand them. The English versions are wonderful. I love the idea of publishing the original language with the translated poem.

I plan on gifting several copies to some of my feline loving friends and a few copies to my

Francophile friends.