Thankful To Be Finished

Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Thank the gods I lived through this. Beaten bruised, bloodied, and heartbroken, but I lived. Styxx, man I just keep shaking my head at his 11,000 years + of extreme torture. It didn't rip and gut me like Acheron's book did but it hurt. Acheron's book took me out of this series for two years. Recovery time for this one, a couple days. What ? am I just so jaded now I can take it easier ? Isn't that a dark thought. I think Ms. Kenyon did everything imaginable she could think up to hurt and humiliate him. Oh dang it lasted, and lasted and lasted and then it came back and slapped him upside his heart again ! It was too much for this reader, I was so grateful, relieved and exhausted when it ended. "Thank the gods it ended" Styxx finally got a life worth living, forgiveness was fast and to me unbelievable. I would have never forgiven 11 minutes of what he lived through and he did it fro 11,000+.
I am amazed at the details and massive amounts information juggled and placed just so, and it all worked. This author is truly amazing and cruel to her characters. : ) I'm on to the next one in line.