Romance and Rescue

The Play - Karina Halle

First Bravo Ms. Halle on your donation to animal rescue !
I liked it, I didn't like it.
I loved the big strong beast of a man that was willing to get down on hid knees with abused dogs and offer them love and hope. I adored his strength and his hidden weaknesses that slowly undid him. He was broken and it came across very believable and heart wrenching. I liked him, I wanted him to finish strong. I could cheer for him.
Kayla was an interesting character. She was strong, independent and yet not taking that extra move. Why ? I'm not sure it wasn't made clear to me why exactly she was stuck. She made so many bold moves her career choices seemed out of character.
The two of them had one hot steamy sexual adventure, that held nothing back. Their relationship for the first half was exciting and invigorating. The complete love for the dogs was beautiful. The first grabbed me more than the second which had a much darker grittier feeling.
I struggle with this authors style. Her characters are very blunt, curt and extreme in their language and physical behaviors. I am uncomfortable with it. I purchased this because I wanted to support her charity drive and read about a rugby player. It was very sexually driven, very physical, and wasn't afraid to push.This was just not my taste in reading material.