A Whirlwind of Pain, Suffering and Moving On with Paranormal Friends

Presence: Awakening - Charity Becker


Warning: Expect to be thrown into a tornado of feelings, recovery from hideous child abuse, emotional abuse and paranormal abuses. Expect to cheer for the main character and be glued to the book's every page. Twisted turns and unexpected outcomes.

This is a story about living through the darkest darkness and finding light. Done with a paranormal twist this trauma was real enough to make my stomach roll and my mind cringe at the horrors. Mina, the main character was abused all her life, then after a traumatic event she is institutionalized for years. Released as an adult unready to face her fears she is thrust into a paranormal world that will reveal many truths that shatter her beliefs of past events. There is enough real in this to feel true and enough paranormal to be able to keep it fantasy. A wonderful mix.

The romance was very well written. It was what you would expect a victim of such abuse to go through, the mistrust, the doubts, the fears. I appreciate the author's tact and patience with her characters.

I don't want to spoil the story and tell you what kind of paranormal goodies there are. It should be a surprise, any story is best that way. Know that there are many types and that this story is just the beginning of what looks like a very exciting series.