Bear Finds Love At Last

No Mercy - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Wow, that was a short read. I just started it and BAM, it was done. Another installment in the Darkhunter World, has one of the bear shifters, Dev, with a broken heart lust after a Darkhunter, Sam an Amazon woman with a ? Oh yeh, a broken heart. Yes it is the theme of the series but Ms. Kenyon always ads a little twist of the knife in each book that separates them even if they are basically the same. This one is action based, with less shagging and drooling than past books.

I really liked the action packed adventure but I missed the connection time with the couple. I never had that "omg tingle" of anticipation waiting for them to bond. Was it the characters or the lack of drooling lust time ? I don't know. I'm off to the next book.