Easy Short Steps To Get You Through the Clutter

The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life - Robin Zasio

Yoda time: (Guilty secret) I am a pack rat who dreams of being a minimalist. I attach emotional value on clothes, jewelry, gifts, and other items. I have clutter closets filled beyond acceptable capacity. I am not an extreme hoarder, my house is clean and neat but I am uncomfortable with the level of stuff I do have hidden in my closets. I seem to place sentimental value on clothes above all other items, weird huh ? I figured that out after doing all the questioning steps in this book. I found the tie that bound me to these items, time I had with my mother shopping for clothes, a treasured time gift I tried desperately to hold on to. I have a distorted view of the impact these items have on me. They made me sad at the memories that were so brief and  never again, they made me feel guilty for not appreciating her more, they made me feel fat for not being that size anymore, etc. I have other small trinkets from broken dreams/relationships that I hold on too. I morn times gone, the good the bad and the ugly. Why did I keep things that only made me sad ? I did't realize I was till I went through the process of breaking down my reasoning. I do to want to tie myself to negative emotions, and I never thought I was till this book open my eyes.


This is not a book just for extreme hoarders. This will help the cluttered, the chaotic, the disorganized , the person who just has difficulty deciding what to keep. Zone control, for those spots that always seem to collect stuff. Easy simple steps help you look at what you have how to really feel about it and how you can change that into a realistic pattern. It is a short quick read that gets right to the point. This is not rocket science it is a retraining of habits learned over many years. It takes time, deep breathing and and open heart but it can be done if you follow the steps. I would recommend it to just about anyone to get good handle on their clutter even if it's just one drawer.