A Very Different Zombie Experience

Dying for a Living - Kory M. Shrum

Yes Yoda time:

What a fresh take on the zombie experience. These zombies don't crave brains they take your death, for a price.

So there you are at you favorite psychic and she tells yo that you are going to die on blah blah day. What is a living breathing person to do ? Call for a zombie replacement to take your death, (DUH) pain and all while you walk away a little broke but warm and alive.

It's so easy, except it's not.There are church groups that believe this is against god. Radicals who really are the scuzzy lowballers most of the worst, that do their worst in the name of god. Yes, true evil. 

When a certain sexually confused zombie goes in for one of her jobs she gets a show and a lot more. Somebody is out to kill her, but why is it the church ? crazy clients ? Some nutball off the street ? No it's much worse, the person behind her threats is__________. Read the book, come on you don't want to miss the fun.

Oh there is a cliffhanger ending. :D

I really liked the creativity developed here. I have not read a book like this before and did to have any idea what was coming. I have high hopes for this author. I plan on continuing with this series and her future works.

Negative Nancy time:

This appears to be a first book by this author, and has a few rough patches. There were some over detailed useless bits, a sexual confusion which just didn't fit in at the time it was brought up, it was brought up a lot, and not enough of a pudgy Pug. Small significant issues but not damaging to the story.